How Much Storage Do You Need?

With barely one month passing since the arrival of 128GB thumb drives, Kingston steps up to the plate by releasing a thumb drive capable of 256GB of storage! That's right, it's not a typo. This is a 256 GB thumb drive! Although it's not available in the United States as of yet, the street price is estimated to be around $900 US. So I wouldn't rush out and get one just yet, but I would expect the prices to drop rapidly once its been on the market for awhile. 

Just how much is 256GB anyway? Well, to put it in perspective, Kingston says that's enough space to hold: 

 365 CD's (~700MB each) 

54 DVD's (~4.7 GB each) 

 or 10 Blue-Ray Disks (~25GB each) 

This is more storage than most DVR players hooked to Televisions at the present. Oh, and in case you are wondering how many photos it can hold, that's over 230,000 photos saved in the 3 megapixel format. 

Will this barrier be surpassed? In a word, yes! We just don't know if it will be as quickly as the 256GB barrier. 

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