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Case Study

Networthy Systems

Networthy Systems is a managed system provider specializing in small businesses with 75 or fewer computers. They offer computer services including break-fix repairs, network installations, and remote support. They pride themselves on being proactive, uncovering and fixing network problems before the client realizes there is a problem. With their primary goal of ensuring maximum system uptime, Networthy Systems offers fast, affordable and friendly onsite and remote service. Networthy Systems holds the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Rita Recovery

Rita Recovery is a non-profit organization and partner of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). Rita Recovery provides materials, labor and other relief for certain home owners affected by Hurricane Rita, which impacted southeast Texas in 2005. Rita Recovery started with 15 employees committed to excellent service – addressing the immediate relief needs of a devastated community. With over 4,700 volunteers to date, Rita Recovery has helped 268 families move back into their homes, with more families on their way.

The Challenge

Rita Recovery is spread out among several offices throughout southeast Texas. They started with no network, and no computers – and quickly went from 5 computers to 15 computers. Rita Recovery needed an IT strategy to support efficient information gathering. Each office needed a way to input interview information from their work in the field that was easy to access for the entire organization. They needed a multi-office strategy that allowed for the organization of field volunteers, and a way to get the right information to the right people. As a non-profit, Rita Recovery had a small budget, and needed a cost effective solution with quick implementation. Microsoft Small Business Server with built-in SharePoint offered capabilitiesthat would satisfy their goals – a network and system with remote access capabilities, intra-company communications and information sharing – and provide a huge cost savings using Microsoft’s non-profit discount program.

The Approach

Angela Baker, the Director of Rita Recovery and Tim Beard, President of Networthy Systems attend the same church. The church referred Tim, who manages the church’s computer network. The solution Tim recommended would allow Rita Recovery to achieve their goals of having a centralized data management system with centralized access and low maintenance – at an affordable cost that worked almost right out of the box! The most important factor for Rita Recovery was that a system be put in place immediately. Networthy Systems recommended Microsoft Small Business Server as the network’s reliable core. The server was set up and worked the instant it was installed. With the new system fully functional, Rita Recovery was ready to help the hurricane victims that needed relief. Sensitive information was collected and added to their secure SQL database – a feature included with the Microsoft Small Business Server solution.

Microsoft Solutions Used

• Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS)
• Windows Server 2003
• MS Exchange Server 2003
• MS ISA Server 2000
• MS SQL Server 2005
• Microsoft SharePoint Services
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional
• Microsoft Office 2003 Professional
• Microsoft Outlook 2003
• Microsoft 2006 Streets and Trips with

The Benefit

The implementation of Networthy Systems’ technology solution helped Rita Recovery reach its goals of having a system running immediately with a centralized network of information sharing and dissemination. Today the system runs trouble free, using Networthy System’s managed and proactive services. In fact, in the two years of service, the system has NEVER been down. The team of volunteers at Rita Recovery is now integrated and coordinated. The offices share a database, so efforts are not duplicated. Using Microsoft Streets and Trips with a GPS system, the staff of Rita Recovery easily leads their volunteers to the correct locations for their relief efforts. Hiring Networthy Systems to manage their systems has given Rita Recovery peace of mind. Networthy Systems takes care of everything tech related, allowing Rita Recovery to focus on helping hurricane Rita victims, an ongoing effort. The fast, reliable and cost-effective Microsoft solution has helped Rita Recovery quickly organize and serve this devastated community.

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