Godspeed Geek Girl

I'm still in a little bit of shock this morning. I got a phone call this morning from the station manager of AM 1300 KSET who let me know Teresa Hanson passed away last night from ovarian cancer.

If you've ever listened to my show Geek Free Radio, you will know that Teresa was the afternoon news anchor at KSET, as well as the sidekick for Jack Pieper on The Afternoon Talk Show with Jack Pieper for 3 hours every weekday.

Teresa's facebook introduction says it all:

I want to be a Forest Ranger... no, a Veterinarian... no, Genetic Engineering... no, a Cruise Director... What? I can get paid for talking? I'll take that job!

Teresa was the "GoTo" person at the station for all of the show hosts. She knew a little bit about everything, and she most certainly had an opinion on most things. She wasn't afraid to share it either. She even did a show with Jack Pieper about health care, and she openly discussed her disease and struggle with cancer. I have to say, I listened to that entire show, and it moved me enough to walk into the station the next day, and tell Teresa how much I truly admired her. She, of course, looked at me like I was crazy, because she was just doing what she always did, saying what was on her mind.

On Geek Free Radio, Teresa was fondly called Geek Girl. I often used Teresa on the show to demonstrate how easy something was to do on the computer, or take questions from her relating to technology, and answer them on the air. I could always count on Teresa. I can't count the number of times that she would just sit in the studio during my show, preparing her news for the top of the hour. I would always introduce her on the air during those times, and get her involved in the discussion, whatever it was.

At the radio station, we even discussed adding Teresa to Geek Free Radio permanently, since she and I always had fun with it. We were going to call it "Beauty and the Geek". When my show would get bogged down and get too "technical" Teresa could always come in and bring out the extrovert in me. In short, we always had fun when Teresa was "in the house".

I would often joke with Teresa about her sense of style. She's the only person I know who would come to work in a pink dress, and then pull out her pink digital camera, her pink swiss army knife with built in compact, and then reach over and get out her pink laptop. She was the most color coordinated geek I've ever known!

So, here's to you, Geek Girl. Please know that I'm praying for Brian and Abby. My loss is nothing compared to theirs. I'm honored to have known you. I will miss you. Especially on those days when you and I would be on the show together.

Godspeed Geek Girl,

Tim Beard

How NOT to run an IT Business (or any business for that matter)

Yesterday was a holiday for employees of Networthy Systems. I worked in the office anyway, and when I arrived I noticed I had a voicemail waiting for me. I casually hit the button to listen to the voicemail, and much to my surprise, there was a woman from a small town north of our Beaumont offices demanding to know why I was stealing her business.

Below is the transcript of the voicemail, quoted word for word.

"Hi, this is *****   ********* from ********   ****. My issue is that you are using my domain name to direct business from people that search for my company to your business, which I would like to know why you're doing this. My number is *******. I'm sure ******   ********* would like to speak with you about this. So, give us a call back please."

Now, I don't know how most small business owners conduct their business, but I can tell you that I would never leave a voicemail like that for another business owner, even if they were guilty (which, of course, I'm not)  I politely called her back, and she proceeded to tell me that she had been doing "research" on this, and she would trust me if I told her that I wasn't doing this. To put this in plain english, she has no idea what she is saying, but she knows she is wrong, and she is not going to apologize. Instead she is going to make excuses, try to make up some techno-babble, and pretend that I might not be telling her the truth.

For the record, if she was a true web page designer, she would know what she was accusing me of was virtually impossible. And she didn't even take the time to research our website. If she had, she would have found that we don't even compete with them. We look for smart businesses, that know they need IT support and Proactive maintenance, and also know they should leave it to professionals. We don't even have a retail store front!!

I was perhaps abrupt with her, and for that, I must apologize. I just don't take unfounded, ridiculous accusations lightly.

After all, is it my fault that our web page is optimized so that a google search shows our company before hers? After all, the word "computer" returns over 922 MILLION hits!

Please don't run your business in this manner. It certainly won't make you a trusted professional!

To Your Success,

Tim Beard

All Things Digital Photography

The podcast on digital photography is now posted on  Geek Free Radio. This show originally aired on March 2, 2010. Tim interviews Danny Keffer of Keffer's Photography regarding digital photography and the advances made over the last few years. If you get you megapixels confused with your megabytes, then this show is for you!

Am I Breaking the Law with Email?

The podcast regarding Email encryption, archiving, and SPAM prevention is now available for listening at Geek Free Radio. Tim Beard interviews Scott Barlow, VP at Reflexion Networks regarding new Federal and state laws about sending personal identifiable information via electronic means. They also discuss the merits of automatic archiving of all email communications in your company, and how you can combat SPAM as well. If you are responsible for a business, you'll want to listen to this podcast!

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