Testimonial List

Quick to Respond and Thorough

You are all very quick to respond and are always willing to take the time to explain any problem to us so we understand.

When I had a problem getting files compressed and emailed, your technician stayed on the phone and assisted me the entire time until the problem was rectified.

Calandre Carr
Rita Recovery

Simplified My Life

I like the fact that we can contact anyone in your office at anytime. Everyone in the office are aware of everything going on.

Now that we are using Networthy Systems, the employees have someone to go to with computer issues or questions, small or big. It takes the load off of me!

I like the fact that I receive a ticket via email and this allows me to be involved and know what is going on.

Carrie Vincent
Prime Electrical

File Sharing Has Never Been Easier

We have 3 offices in 3 different cities. Networthy Systems designed a network that lets all our employees share vital information without enormous monthly costs!
Angela Baker
Rita Recovery

Dramatically Reduced Spam

I like the fast service. I requested service on a computer and it was handled quickly and efficiently.

Our spam has reduced dramatically.

Jennifer LeBlanc
Human Resources Manager

Got Me Out of a Jam

A few weeks ago everything in my laptop just stopped – nothing…it was a flat piece of metal and wires. I called Networthy Systems, and they remotely fixed it up. About an hour later all was well.

Since hiring Networthy Systems, I rarely have problems with the servers or my computer here. It’s one of those DEPENDABLE things in life.

Kathleen Haskins
Adult Ministries, Wesley United Methodist Church

No Surprises

With the managed service offering from Networthy Systems, we are finally able to budget our IT expenses without surprises!

I would give them an A+++++++!

It’s like having our very own IT manager. They just make everything work!

I’m very weak when it comes to computers and all that goes with that. The service that you provide takes one worry off of my plate. I can focus on my responsibilities.

A quick response. A+ on service!

Angela Baker
Wesley United Methodist Church

Forward Thinking

I like the prompt attention. The technicians listen and help. They think ahead and are always looking for ways we can improve our systems.

The remote access solution you developed helps us be able to work flexibly. We can respond to congregational needs quickly.

Rev. Mark Bunch
Wesley United Methodist Church

They are quick to respond

They are quick to respond and they care about the way technical problems affect our jobs.

They are friendly folks to work with.

Stephanie Lundgreen
Rita Recovery