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Okay Folks, 

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Are you a PC?

Last month I told you I was in Seattle mixing with the SMB partners and Microsoft types. While there, Microsoft VP Cindy Bates shared with us the new "I'm a pc" advertising campaign. Microsoft has put together a site where visitors can view and even create their own "I'm a pc" commercial. I must admit, we "pc" types are a very creative lot. Click here to see some of the "I'm a pc" uploads, and hey, if you want to make one of your own, I won't tell! You might just find mine if you look hard enough!

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Getting your Christmas Gifts at Circuit City?

Circuit City, which WAS the number two big box electronic store, filed for bankruptcy last week. They plan on closing 150 stores nationwide. From what I have been told, the local Beaumont, Texas store is not slated for closure. But I wouldn't hold my breath. 

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Circuit City Closing More Stores?

While I previously blogged about Circuity City filing for Chapter 11 reorganization and cloing 155 stores nationwide in the process, I mentioned that the local store here was not included in the list of closings. 

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MS Finally Gets It Right

Just back from Seattle (Microsoft's Headquarters) where we attended SMB Nation. This is the world's largest gathering of Microsoft Small Business Specialists. A tech with SBSC behind their name is certified on MS SBS 2003 Standard or Premium Edition. At this 4 day workshop, the best of the best debated, discussed and debunked Microsoft's newest offering in the smb arena, Small Business Server 2008.

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The Top 250? Boy, has this industry grown!

While doing my normal surf of the Internet blogs and sites relevant to our industry, I came across MSP Mentor, a website/blog for managed service providers. Lo and behold, it turns out I am on the MSP Mentors top 250 list of MSP CEO's. While it's an honor to be recognized, its even better when you find out some person nominated your name and accomplishments for you! The info below is straight from the where the list resides, and describes how one gets on "the list".

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Microsoft Finally Gets it....Partially Right

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition and how this product will now ship with the Small Business Server software, and an additional license of Windows 2008 Server. This will allow the owner to actually run a second server in addition to the Small Business Server. The new licensing also allows the owner to install SQL Server database onto the second server, in order to run company line of business (LOB) software on the additional server. This will allow for much better performance. Current versions only ship with one server license, and you cannot install any part of the package on a second server.

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Verizon Drastically Drops Smartphone Pricing

Verizon's website is showing virtually every smartphone (with the exception of 2) has been reduced in price to $99 with a two year contract. 3 months ago, I paid $400 for my Touchpro! What could this mean? Has Verizon turned the corporate corner and decided to be nice to customers? I doubt it.

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New Excuse for "The Dog Ate My Homework"

Last week, I blogged about Amazon remotely deleting selected books from their Kindle readers even after customers had paid for them. Apparently, the situation has progressed. Justin Gawronski had his electronic notes for his summer high school assignment on his Kindle, and they were rendered useless when Amazon pulled their "blunder" of the year by purposely deleting the aforementioned books from the Kindle devices.

It looks like Justin has found a lawyer and filed a class action lawsuit seeking punitive damages for people affected by the deletions and an injunction against Amazon to keep them from improperly accessing any Kindles in the future.

Now, I'm not one to justify frivolous lawsuits, but in this case, I say go get them, Justin. I think Amazon has it coming to them. After all, when you pay good money for a device, subscribe to the service, and pay for the books you read, what business does Amazon have digging around in your E-book reader, deleting books that you paid for, just because a publisher changes their mind about publishing in e-book format?

Let me know what you think.

To Your Success,


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Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog. I am passionate about technology. Especially when it comes to integrating technology with small and medium business. This is a highly connected world we live in. If business wants to survive, it must not only allow new technology, it must embrace it with gusto. To that end, I will post thoughts on the subject. Comments are welcome, although they may be subject to editing and/or exclusion at my discretion.  Thanks for reading!

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Geek Free Radio Show Starts Monday

After a lengthy process involving transmitter moves, tower relocations, land purchases, network installs, and other issues, the wait is finally over.

I am happy to report that KSET 1300 AM begins it's live broadcasting on Monday 12/21/2009! If you are in the Southeast Texas listening area, please tune in (and call in) to Geek Free Radio, hosted by yours truly, at 11:00AM CST, every weekday.

If you aren't in the listening area, you can still catch us at where the show is streamed live 24hours a day.

I promise to keep it as "Geek Free" as possible. Just good solutions to computer issues experienced by you, with an emphasis placed on technology and how it can benefit the small business, which is the backbone of the American economy. Look for interviews with Antivirus companies, Microsoft, and other software vendors. Don't worry. I won't be easy on them either.
I'm honored to be the host of the show, and I'm looking forward to getting back on the radio. So check out the station anytime, and remember, it goes live on Monday. I'll do my best to answer your technology questions.

You can also check out the lineup at We have some radio veterans on our team, including the infamous Jack Pieper from 2pm to 5pm every day. I know Jack is anxious to get back on the air as well.

Thanks for listening!

To Your Success,


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The Best Compliment a Business Owner Can Get

In the course of taking calls today during the Geek Free Radio Show  I received one of the highest compliments a business owner can get. The caller to the show just called to tell me two things. First, he sincerely appreciated the solid advice I was offering to the listeners regarding watching what your children do not only on the Internet, but while they are playing with the seemingly infinite number of game consols available today. He was referencing the segment of the show where I discussed how parents may often keep up with what their kids do when it comes to surfing the Internet, but often overlook what is happening when kids are playing with the gaming consoles. Many, if not most of the modern consoles have the ability for the gamer to play online (the Internet) either with or against other players across the World. A pedophile was recently captured in the US stalking a 15 year old child whom he befriended while playing these games online. The caller stated he had never really thought of video games having that ability, and it was certainly something to watch out for. That is gratifying to know you can help people when it comes to technology in other ways than just offering advice for repairing computer issues.

Oh, and the second reason for his call? Well, the caller offered that he was a former client of mine from a previous business from the days many years ago when we offered Internet access to Southeast Texas. It was nice to hear him talk about how we always treated our customers in a professional and courteous manner. That was just the icing on the cake!

To your Success,


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Godspeed Geek Girl

I'm still in a little bit of shock this morning. I got a phone call this morning from the station manager of AM 1300 KSET who let me know Teresa Hanson passed away last night from ovarian cancer.

If you've ever listened to my show Geek Free Radio, you will know that Teresa was the afternoon news anchor at KSET, as well as the sidekick for Jack Pieper on The Afternoon Talk Show with Jack Pieper for 3 hours every weekday.

Teresa's facebook introduction says it all:

I want to be a Forest Ranger... no, a Veterinarian... no, Genetic Engineering... no, a Cruise Director... What? I can get paid for talking? I'll take that job!

Teresa was the "GoTo" person at the station for all of the show hosts. She knew a little bit about everything, and she most certainly had an opinion on most things. She wasn't afraid to share it either. She even did a show with Jack Pieper about health care, and she openly discussed her disease and struggle with cancer. I have to say, I listened to that entire show, and it moved me enough to walk into the station the next day, and tell Teresa how much I truly admired her. She, of course, looked at me like I was crazy, because she was just doing what she always did, saying what was on her mind.

On Geek Free Radio, Teresa was fondly called Geek Girl. I often used Teresa on the show to demonstrate how easy something was to do on the computer, or take questions from her relating to technology, and answer them on the air. I could always count on Teresa. I can't count the number of times that she would just sit in the studio during my show, preparing her news for the top of the hour. I would always introduce her on the air during those times, and get her involved in the discussion, whatever it was.

At the radio station, we even discussed adding Teresa to Geek Free Radio permanently, since she and I always had fun with it. We were going to call it "Beauty and the Geek". When my show would get bogged down and get too "technical" Teresa could always come in and bring out the extrovert in me. In short, we always had fun when Teresa was "in the house".

I would often joke with Teresa about her sense of style. She's the only person I know who would come to work in a pink dress, and then pull out her pink digital camera, her pink swiss army knife with built in compact, and then reach over and get out her pink laptop. She was the most color coordinated geek I've ever known!

So, here's to you, Geek Girl. Please know that I'm praying for Brian and Abby. My loss is nothing compared to theirs. I'm honored to have known you. I will miss you. Especially on those days when you and I would be on the show together.

Godspeed Geek Girl,

Tim Beard

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Five Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

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