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IT security needs to be taken very seriously.

"Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every
company in the world."

Ginni Rometty - IBM’s chairman, president, and CEO

$600 Billion

Yearly cost of cyber crime

43% of all Attacks

Directly target small businesses.

Human Error

Results in 95% of all cybersecurity attacks.

Every 14 Seconds

Ransomware infects a business computer.

NetWorthy Systems Blog

Are Your Computer Systems Ready for the Holidays?


 1. Check your backups.

We cannot stress backups enough to our clients. Backups will help you get up and running if something happens to your building but did you know it can also help you if your computer is lost or stolen. The holiday season can lead to a lot of traveling. If your computer was lost of stolen during your travels do you have a way of getting the information on it back? If the answer is no you need to seriously consider contacting us about backups before it is too late!

2. Be aware of email scams; don’t open any attachments from unknown senders.

Because of all the holiday sales this time of year your inbox might be more full than usual. If something looks interesting you might click on it, just be aware that people who do cyber crime for a living know how to make an email look enticing. If you do not know who the sender is do not open any attachments on an email. Remember if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Don’t enter credit card information on a network you don’t trust.

We know that the holiday season brings plenty of running around but it is much safer to enter sensitive data on your home or work Internet network that you trust than the free Wi-Fi at your local café.  Along with entering credit card information it is also safer to do any online banking at home.

4. Protect your technology with passwords.

Passwords are always a good thing. Good passwords are a better thing, and no, “password” does not count as a good one! A good password is a combination of letters (both lowercase and capital), at least one number, and at least one symbol   (*, #, ! etc.). Try to avoid family names, birthdays, and pet names.

5. Make sure you have antivirus software.

It is a good idea to have reliable antivirus software all year long, but if you don’t have one now is definitely the time to find out about it. Antivirus software will also help you out with #2. If you have any questions about any of these tips don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer solutions to all of these problems. Don’t let IT issues get in the way of enjoying your holiday season!

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24/7 Active, Managed IT Security

Gone are the days where setting up antivirus and a firewall were enough. NetWorthy Systems offers fully-managed cybersecurity solutions to protect all of your endpoints from both external and internal threats. We help businesses meet industry compliances like HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and more.

24/7 Network Security

it security overview network security smallMonitored and managed end-point and network security with real-time proactive threat detection.

Unified Threat Management

it security overview unified threat management smallManaged security appliance handling firewall, managed centralized antivirus, and intrusion detection.

Content Filtering

it security overview content filtering smallPrevent users from accessing dangerous, inappropriate, or time-wasting online content.

Spam Protection

it security overview spam protection smallReduce and block phishing attacks, malware, and other cybersecurity threats that come in through email.

Mobile Device Management

it security overview mobile device management smallSmartphones and tablets aren’t immune to cyberthreats. Protect these endpoints via device policy management.

Enterprise-level Security

it security overview enterprise security smallAlways on, always vigilant, unified security to minimize both external and internal threats across your network and devices.

Email Encryption

it security overview email encryption smallSafeguard your data and your customer’s privacy by encrypting sensitive or private information that is sent via email.

Hosted Security Solutions

it security overview hosted security solutions smallProtect your IT infrastructure and your end users with our hosted suite of cybersecurity tools, solutions and services.

Security Cameras

it security overview security cameras smallProtect your physical assets, staff, and customers  via secure, managed remote IP security cameras.

Access Control

it security overview access control smallManage and track physical and network access to specify who has permission to access specific resources.


it security overview compliance smallMeet and exceed industry compliances and get regular security compliance audits and evaluations.

Penetration Testing

it security overview penetration testing smallIdentify exploitable vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure and test your cybersecurity prevention.