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Full Charge Ahead! Device Battery Maintenance

b2ap3_thumbnail_batt400.jpgDo you let the batteries in your mobile devices fully deplete before recharging? If so, then you may be doing this based on some scientific-sounding advice you once heard. This advice has been around for years, and battery technology has dramatically advanced, which makes us ask the questions, "Is it still necessary to fully deplete your battery before recharging?"

To answer this question plainly: No. Battery technology has advanced to the point where depleting your battery before every recharge is unnecessary. The biggest advancement that changed this battery charging paradigm was with the introduction of the Lithium-ion battery back in 2006, which replaced the Nickel-Cadmium battery, the previous standard for battery powered consumer electronics. It's important to keep this date in mind because you may still be using electronics manufactured before this transition to Lithium-ion batteries, and these older NiCd batteries require full depletion.

The reason NiCd batteries work this way is because they have a "memory effect." The memory effect will wear out a battery over the period of a few hundred charges, which basically means your battery comes with a finite amount of charges. Therefore, it's recommended that you fully deplete your NiCd battery before you recharge it in order to maximize its life and get the most out of each charge.

For example, do you remember how pre-2006 wireless phones seemed to never have enough battery power for long phone calls? This is due to the memory effect of NiCd batteries. This is also why it's recommended that whenever you charge an NiCd battery, you charge it 100% before unplugging it.

The lithium-ion battery solves this memory effect problem and is found on virtually all mobile device technologies today. Apple uses Lithium-ion batteries on all of their devices. Apple explains the benefit of lithium-ion batteries on their website, "Lithium-ion polymer batteries have a high power density, and you can recharge a lithium-ion polymer battery whenever convenient, without requiring a full charge or discharge cycle."

The upgrade to the lithium-ion battery makes using mobile devices more convenient by providing longer charges and allowing you to charge your battery in short bursts. This also eliminates having to wait for your battery to fully charge before unplugging it and taking it with you. However, Apple does recommend that the lithium-ion battery be fully recharged at least once a month to keep the electrons moving.

As mobile devices improve with longer battery charges, and more cloud-based applications are added, mobile technology is becoming more attractive for businesses wanting to benefit from a mobile workforce. To learn about what latest devices are right for your business, and to find out more best practices to properly care for your technology, call NetWorthy Systems at 877-760-7310.

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